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Eastern Gateway Community College-Steubenville-Jefferson


Hi all! Im moving from Myrtle Beach, SC to Steubenville, Ohio next month and already been accepted into EGCC with a degree in health science and all pre-reqs done. I have yet to take my TEAS V, and need to know what scores do I need to get for entry into the LPN program. Anyone else go here and are going into or currently attending the LPN program here? This school nor area is on ALLNURSES.COM :(

After I graduate, I would love to work in Pittsburgh...any recommendation? and what is the starting grad pay for LPN?

I just recently took and passed the TEAS V at EGCC. You need an overall score of 60% to pass.

I am hoping to start the LPN program in August (Fall 2015). The program runs from May-May of each year. I am transferring credits from another school, so I am able to skip the first semester (which is just Pre-Nursing courses).

I just got accepted into the LPN program. I start next month (August 24, 2015).

How is the program

How is the program?