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Hi! I work as an agency nurse, and I'm trying to find any one else in east texas who does. I've been getting cancelled everyday for 5 weeks! I'm trying to find out which agency is least likely to cancel in this area.

Also does anyone work at Terrell Medical Center? I've got a shift scheduled there next week, just wondering about the facility.


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Trouble with agencies in a small area like Terrell is that are not enough options for you. You would probably be better off going staff if you want to stay in that area. Much more secure.

Or go to Dallas or Houston or any metroplex and there are a lot more openings availble. For agency with fewer cancellations. And more options to contract also with these hospitals.


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Hi, from what ive heard Terrell is nice depending on where you go as far as SNU and Med Surg. is nice. Try Mineola Nursing they are a staffing agency in Mineola but staff in Terrell, Mt.Vernon, Quitman and Grand Saline. Their # 903-569-8053 call them. I work as a CNA for 2 yrs and probably only been cancelled half a dozen times. I like 'em. Good Luck


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I really don't know of any agency in that area due to the acuity or the pts and the number of hospitals, but like said before you could always go to the Dallas area and do agency up there. You may have to drive, but the pay may be a little better also. As far as the Terrell Hospital, if you have not already gone there. It is a very small hospital, acuity of pts is not very high, but I don't think they staff very well either so you may have 6-7 pts. I did my clinical rotation there when I was in nursing school, and I am only telling you this off of my experience there. The good thing about them though is they have computer charting. Hope you find what you are looking for and have a nice experience there in Terrell.

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