Earnings for Seattle Nurses


I am currently working in NYC as a nurse in the NICU area for about a year and a half. I am considering of relocating to Seattle and work there as a nurse as well and would like to know what is the starting wage for a city/private hospital. Thanks for any information.

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How many years have you been a nurse? I have been a nurse for 31 years and I make $50 per hour. Small community hospital. My husband works at Harborview the county hospital and he make just a bit less than me but the benefits (especially insurance ) is wonderful.


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It depends. I've been a nurse for 4 years and I make $31 but I'm in HH and we make more since we're out and about. I think if I were in the hospital I'd make around $28/hr with 4 years experience. Granted COL is much higher in NYC...you can get a 1BD apt in Seattle 800-1000 sometimes including utilities. Home prices are higher, 400-500K. Condos are 200-300K.

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