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Early Transfer within BJC


I was wondering if anyone had any experience with transferring early within BJC in St. Louis, MO. I recently took a staff RN position as a new grad, after 4 years in the system working as a PCT, and I am not really liking the floor I am on for multiple reasons (i.e: Inappropriate staffing, unsafe care, ect). There is a position open that I am interested in applying to way closer to my home, but I am not sure if I will be able to do that before 1 year. I think it would be a better move for my family and I, but I don't want to burn any bridges in the process.

Has any one experienced a similar situation?


Been there,done that, ASN, RN

Has 33 years experience.

You describe the universal reasons to "not like" your unit. Refer to the new hire/ transfer policy through HR. Most likely the answer is no transfers for the first 6 months or one year of time in the position. It will go fast... then maybe something even better will open up for you.

P.S. It's etc., not ect... see that a lot it's a pet peeve. ECT is electroconvulsive therapy:) Hopefully they are not during that on your unit.