Early Results Show COVID-19 Vaccine Generates Immune Response


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Results of an ongoing phase 1 trial on an investigational vaccine being developed by researchers at Moderna, Inc. of Cambridge, Massachusetts, shows very encouraging interim results at Emory University, one of two sites where the COVID vaccine has been tested.


The interim analysis includes results of tests measuring levels of vaccine-induced neutralizing activity through day 43 after the second injection. Two doses of vaccine prompted high levels of neutralizing antibody activity that were above the average values seen in convalescent sera obtained from persons with confirmed COVID-19 disease.

No serious adverse events were reported. Fatigue, headache, chills, myalgia and pain at the injection site were reported by more than half of the volunteers, with systemic adverse events being more common following the second vaccination and in those who received the highest vaccine dose.

For more on this investigational study, go to http://news.emory.edu/stories/2020/07/coronavirus_vaccine_tested_safe_generates_early_response/index.html


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Lets keep our fingers crossed. 🤞