e-mar scanning in PACU


I have a question for those nurses who are currently using e-mar scanning to administer meds in PACU. How is it

working for you? Our unit "goes live" with e-mar scanning next week. We will not be allowed to go back and document, all VS and meds must be documented at the exact time given. Sometimes I am up to 30 minutes (or more) behind on charting if the patient is high needs or unstable. I am wondering what other nurses are doing in

regards to e-mar scanning. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.


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We just found out we will be going to this soon. We are a rural hospital w/out Pharmacy on site 24hr/day, so we have these questions and a lot of others (r/t first dose pharm checks, ect) So I would also love to here how this is working out for others.

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Find out what they plan for emergent situations. For example, pt is admitted from surgery with bp 232/108 and doc says give labetalol 10mg IV now. Do they really expect you to wait until the pharmacy inputs the order to give the med?

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In my hospital we enter the orders in the EMAR and can enter the meds after they are given. If a patient is climbing out of the cart I'll probably push the Ativan prior to entering the order in the EMAR. I will jot the time on a scrap of paper or note it in my head so that I document the correct time when I chart the dose.


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EMAR is a decent application in world where most of the meds are scheduled and non emergent. It also helps to have a pharmacy staff adequate enough to meet the demands EMAR puts on that department. I work in L and D and in our OB ER. Our patients fly in there so fast and need even scheduled meds started right away that we basically override the entire safety mechanism of EMAR and then each individual gets "dinged" if you you couldnt wait for pharmacy to reconcile the meds you gave emergently. I used to really worry about bypassing this system AND then getting my percentages posted on the breakroom door. Now I just do the best I can do and if that means having to order and enter all my meds myself because I cant wait on pharmacy then so be it.

I really don't understand why in an emergent type environment this is practical. If you are giving the meds anyway without reconciliation and then going back after the fact to scan them, isnt that just a waste of nursing time? Again, non emergent schedule meds this is fine. Sorry, this is really just a thorn in my side at work.

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