E-mail introduction--Appropriate or not?


I need a little advice from my fine nursing friends here!

I graduate this May with my BSN, and I have my heart set on a particular internship at a particular hospital. I did clinicals at this hospital and on this floor/area this past semester, and the charge nurse knows of my interest. She even called the hiring manager for me and told him to look for my resume when the position is posted in January. (Bless this woman!) I have the name and e-mail for this hiring manager and, although the position is not yet posted, I wanted to make contact.

First of all, good idea or not? I'm thinking so, but I'd like confirmation.

Second of all, should I go ahead and e-mail my resume, even though I'll be submitting it online in a few weeks when the position posts? (I'm checking the website EVERY single day to be sure I don't miss it.)

Any advice would be helpful!

Background: I'm a second degree student who (quite literally) sold her soul to the devil in order to get through nursing school and get a job in this particular specialty. Losing this opportunity is not an option. :nurse:

Also related: I had a very professional career in my past life, and I want to emphasize that I'm a professional person. I was successful in some pretty big outfits, but I don't want to bore anyone with the details. Any advice on exactly how to accomplish that?

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Is the hiring manager the nurse manager for the floor or the contact in nurse recruitment? If it's the nurse manager I would say go ahead since I'm pretty sure that's what got me my interview on a certain floor that I was very interested in. If it's nurse recruitment, I would be a bit more cautious, our nurse recruitment office got pretty cranky if anyone stepped outside the boundaries of the recruitment protocol.