DVT signs and symptoms??

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I've recently seen a patient and my tutor was adamant that she was high risk for dvt and in need of urgent referral. I didn't think so.

She was a 62 year old smoker with calf pain on the inferolateral aspect of her right calf, radiating into her ankle. Pain described as a Chinese burn sensation and her GP had diagnosed as sciatica. This pain had been intermittent for two years, and two similar episodes had been completely resolved with acupuncture via physio.

She had no heat, swelling or redness in her calf and a negative homans' sign.

She had no previous history of dvt, neoplasms, or stasis or surgery. Her mum died of an MI at 93 which I didn't factor in given her ripe old age.

I know that dvt can be completely occult, but given that she was experiencing pain, my question is whether pain would present with no other signs. I am finding research on this quite elusive.

does anyone know any authoritative stats on this?

thanks in advance, everyone!

I've always advised my patients to go in to Er if a DVt is suspected. I would rather be proven wrong diagnostically than risk a dvt dislodging. Better safe than sorry

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