Duke LDRP/Duke Birthing Center/ICN

U.S.A. North Carolina


Anyone have any insight into Duke's Labor & Delivery or Intensive Care Nursery? I'm looking at applying there and am trying to do some research. Oddly enough, it's the one hospital in the Triangle area where I've never attended a birth, had a friend who birthed there, worked there, or knew much about it. For these reasons, I'm having a hard time! It sounds pretty small compared the Rex, WakeMed, UNC and even Durham Regional.

From the website they said that there are LDRP rooms. What are those like? Do they encourage rooming in? Are there really lactation consultants readily available? What's the c/s rate like? The website says the average LOS is 3.2 days, which makes me think that the c/s rate is pretty high. What's the patient population like? How well does the midwife staff work with the OB staff? Do the residents do most of the births? Like I said, anything would be great.

The ICN says it's Level 3, so that gives me a sense of what they can do, but any other info would be great!

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