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Duke or Emory?

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Duke or Emory?

  1. 1. Duke or Emory?

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Have been accepted into both Emory's and Duke's ABSN programs. Emory is slightly more expensive and starts in August. Duke is slightly less expensive and starts in January.

What is the better option??

Are the savings worth 5 months of employment & experience?

Savings equate to about 10k

Then you should weigh out whether or not 5 months is worth 10K. With these numbers, I'd be leaning towards shelling out the money and finishing earlier. But everyone is different. I don't know what else you are doing outside of this.

llg, PhD, RN

Specializes in Nursing Professional Development.

Both are good, very reputable schools.

Which community is more appealing to you to live in?

Is there a difference in their curricula so that one is more appealing to you than the other?

Is the cost of living (housing, parking, etc.) cheaper in one city than another?

Is the housing situation (convenience, safety, price, etc.) better at one vs. the other?

Is one closer to family/friends than the other?


Emory Healthcare gives preference to Emory's NP GRADUATE regrading to employment


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