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Duke ABSN Spring 2018

Hey guys! I just got my email from **** that my application has been forwarded for review so I'm assuming my next email will be whether I am accepted or denied from the program.

I'm so nervous! Has anyone else applied for the Spring cohort yet?

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I also applied for the Spring cohort! One of my transcripts got lost in the mail so I had to order it again but I'm hoping it'll be there within the next couple of days so I can have my application reviewed! Best of luck to you!

Hello! I also applied. I will be sending my transcript in from my last prereq sometime next week. Do yall mind sharing your stats? Im very nervous because I only have a 3.1 gpa. So far I have all As on the prereq classes and around 150-200 hours of volunteer at various hospitals and facilities.

Unfortunately, I'm not very competitive, but I wanted to shoot my shot:

Overall GPA: 2.75 (I had Academic Renewal & Academic Probation before)

Science GPA: 3.30

Non-Science GPA: 3.1

2 Years of CNA Experience

*Passed 19-25 units each semester after I got it together in school (finally)

I think my personal statements are really good

I don't expect to get in obviously.


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