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I will be returning to school in the fall of 2004 to pursue a nursing degree. I would like to enter a program that offers an accelerated BSN degree(usually 12 months long) with direct entry into a masters program(additional 2 years) for people like me who already have a degree in another field. A few criteria I am looking at for my desired school are the following:

*to be an accredited program

*to offer a duel masters CNM/FNP

*to be located in the southeastern US

--- I am certainly not limited to these criteria----

This summer and continuing into the fall, I will begin taking my pre-req's and touring different campuses in order to send in my applications in December. Schools that I plan on taking a closer look at are - Emory, Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins and UMC South Carolina. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who has information, advice or experiences to share on this type of nursing program and/or the above mentioned nursing schools.

Thank you!


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I too am looking for a dual degree program. I'm applying to Vanderbilt for Fall 2004. Vanderbilt has all the things you seem to be looking for and in an accelerated program. I'm told that it's very intense, but I'm looking forward to the challenge. My biggest obstacle is the tuition and fees, but I'm planning on sucking it up and taking out major student loans. I hadn't heard that Emory, Johns Hopkins and UMC South Carolina had similar programs, so I don't have any info to offer you there. Good luck!


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I haven't noticed the other programs, but I had noticed that Emory formally combined CNM & FNP into "Family Nurse Midwife" - wish more places did this!! It's on their website.

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