Drugs Missing From the Cart


  1. Should I report this incident myself even though I will loose my job?

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Need the wisdom of the crowd to help figure this out.

1. a new admission brings 2 drugs from home: xanex and hydrocodone.

2. I count the drugs with the outgoing nurse after she and I have counted the cart. I have no recollection of seeing a drug count sheet in the book, but have no reason to believe that she didn't do it.

3. The pharmacy brings her drugs that night and I give her a xanex, but hold hydrocodone because of low bp. Those drugs are accounted for in the book and in the cart.

4. I count the drugs with the on coming nurse and all are accounted for.

5. The cart is transferred through five nurses before the home meds are discovered missing.

6. All the nurses point fingers at me, including DON.

7. I insist that I be given a drug test, I pass. All other nurses refuse.

8. I ask that security tapes be reviewed and I learn later that while they have camera, they do not record. There are no tapes.

9. The administrator tells me that he doesn't believe I took these drugs.

10. The incident is not reported to the police and DEA and the administrator tells one nurse not to talk about it to the patient (they are friends).

I'm not in the clear by any means. The accusation will follow me where ever I go. I have been a nurse for 6 months and it took me 10 years to get here. I turned 60 this summer. What should I do.


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I would look for another place of employment. The scrutiny at this place will always be there and it will always be a threat and an invitation to "find" reasons to get rid of you. Leave on your own terms.


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I have transferred to a facility owed by the same company. Closer to home. This facility still keeps me on the clock. They have a terrible shortage and need the fill in time. I tried to quit my first month there because of the toxic work environment, but got talked into staying. I really like my administrator, he really does try to protect me. The transfer was his idea to give me a break from the bullying. That's another story, and it keeps me on call for fill in as he needs me. But I am going to ask to not be put on next month's schedule. The facility I am at now has much tighter scrutiny and control over their drugs, less toxic, and more learning opportunities. Any way, I am transitioning out of this facility. Still worried about my reputation though.