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I'm sure this has been discussed before, but does anyone have suggestions for drug software for PDA's? I have a Zire 71 and have no clue what software would be the best. I start clinicals in about 3 weeks. Thanks in advance for any help.


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Both Davis Drug Guide and Taber's Medical Dictionary are required texts for my program. So, I downloaded both from Skyscape.

If you buy both at the same time (they're $49.95 each) you get a 15% discount. You can download as a trial version and then just get the "key" to open them up when you're ready to lay out the cash. I downloaded them both and am just waiting for my scholarship $$$ to unlock them. You can mess around with both, but not much is available in the trial mode.

You'll need to download both to your memory card as they are very large. It will automatically give you the chance to specify memory card. BTW, you'll think your card is bad, it takes so darn long to load them. :chuckle


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Or if you're like me and a broke student, try Epocrates. It's free and has been plenty helpful in my clinicals. My pharmacology instructor, who is also an NP, uses Epocrates on her Palm. I downloaded it from http://www.palmgear.com

That website has a TON of programs you can download, some free, some really cheap, and some expensive. They are also rated and reviewed by the people using them so you can check them out before you download. And some have trials.

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