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Just out of blatant curiousity (and I need the practice) is there such thing as a drug calculator, or maybe an application for iphone, that allows you to type in the medication order and have it converted or have the dosage calculated?

do you know of any other online sources that have practice sheets?

thanks in advance

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Here is an online source I found to be straight forward and really helped me in school and formulate cheat sheets for myself. www.dosagehelp.com covered most of what I needed and may be a good baseline for you. Hope this helps, check it out.


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Thank you! I will check that link out..many thanks!


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There are online apps that give extensive dosing info and calculators, Like GlobalRPh, Epocrates, Dynamed, some offer PDA aps, not sure if iPhone has what you want, but try unboundmedicine.com . Not sure if this is what you're talking about? :typing

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