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Dropped from School

RedAllie RedAllie (New) New

I was recently dropped from my accelerated BSN program in California due to grades. I was dropped due to grades, but I was in the term before Integration/ preceptor-ship. I fully comprehend the information but developed severe test anxiety towards the end of my program. There is literally no other career that I want to pursue. Is it possible to be accepted by another school, and if so would I pick up where I left off or would I have to restart the program.

Double-Helix, BSN, RN

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"Severe test anxiety" doesn't usually just develop without other influencing factors. Is there someone that you can talk to about helping you manage that stress? Correcting the problems that led to you being dropped from this program is an essential factor in being successful in another program. There may very well be programs that will accept you, but let me assure you they will want to know why you think you will perform differently in their school.

Since most accelerated programs are heavily based in clinical, and because your pass/failure of the NCLEX exam reflects on the school, it's likely that you will be expected to complete the entire program at your new school, even though you have completed similar courses already.

loriangel14, RN

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You need to deal with the issue before trying again. Going to another school will not change anything.