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Hey all nurses! Im in desperate need of some advice. I am currently taking 4 classes in college right now,(Intro to psyc,public speaking, algebra, aerobics) I'm doing fine in most except public speaking. Im afraid I won't be able to get a B or A in it because of one speech I didn't do. I am debating if I should drop public speaking with a "w" or if I should continue and try my best to at least get a "b". I'm not sure how much it will affect my grade, it is the 3rd speech out of 5. I work 3 12 hour shifts at a place that has nothing to do with healthcare so they aren't very flexible with my schedule. I also have a daughter who is one and my boyfriend(her dad) who helps whenever he isn't working himself.I really don't want to slim my chances of getting into a bsn program. Any advice will be appreciated! Thank you.

Is it a prereq at the school you will be applying to? At my school if you take a W in a nursing prereq then they actually subtract points from your app. So a C would be better than a W.

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Look very closely at the repeat policy your school has. Mine allows a "W" as long as the course is retaken within a certain length of time and is counted as if you only have taken the course once. My school doesn't consider a "W" to be a failure of a course because you withdrew from it before a certain point where a grade must be given instead. Once you pass that point, you must "earn" the grade and then a course repeat policy kicks in.

Other schools may be very different in this regard, but usually a "W" is considered better than a fail because you recognized your limits early and dropped a course before it adversely impacted something else you're responsible for.

Thank you dderrrough! This Friday is the deadline to withdraw from any classes but I decided to just ride it out and try my best. I didn't know some programs will deduct points,..crazy!

akulahawkRN Thank you for the advice ! I will definitely look deeper into the programs for what policies they have for W's incase I have the same trouble with another class.

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