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I am trying to find information on the internet for nursing schools that accept prior nursing students from other ADN programs that dropped out. would consider (ADN,BSN) I would like to go back to nsg school but finding it hard to get back in. I completed my first semester and had to drop. The wait lists are crazy and most want me to retake pre requisites even after being in a program in 2008. My GPA is not the greatest. 2.9 overall i think?? Over 3.0 for prereqs. I am able to relocate anywhere in the US to go to school this fall. (US stateside, Alaska, Virgin Islands, HI.) Just wondering if anyone knows of any schools where they will take prior students without jumping through a million hoops. I would even consider US states overseas. Anyone with any knowledge of programs that are accepting students without wait list or ridiculous prereqs please let me know. Im in Illinois now. I would consider private schools too. I am keeping all options open at this point. Thank you everyone for any help you can give.....

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Why not go back to the school you dropped out of?


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2 year wait. I would like to go back this fall if possible.