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Drexel vs. Jefferson for AG-ACNP? Help!

by buenorg10 buenorg10, BSN (New) New Nurse

Hello there,

I currently work FT at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP Penn medicine) ED. They offer a $6000/year tuition assistance, which is great. But this still leaves me with a lot of money I have to come out of my pocket. So I want to make the best decision possible.

I finally narrowed it down to these two schools. (I originally was thinking of La Salle or Maryville but I read some forums on here that scared me away from them and I'm bummed because they were definitely more affordable, but I guess you get what you pay for 😞 I read on here that these schools are looked down upon on and a lot of graduates don't get jobs b/c they went to these schools! Like WOW!! that's messed up! And it's crazy to me because I did my research and their stats were great).

Anyhow, Any tips/suggestions/thoughts on balancing school/home/work? on Drexel vs. TJU? I understand we have to find our own preceptors for both right? but did they assist you in any way when you needed help?

Also did anyone attend any of their acute care program? is it worth it or is it better to do the AGNP and then maybe come back to a post certificate a better route?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!



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I am deciding between Jefferson and Drexel right now as well. I am doing WHNP, but any general comparison of the two would be greatly appreciated!