Drexel Students Offering Books to help you out


Hi. If you are interested in purchasing text books and/or supplementary books to get through the ACE program please let me know. I and other former students are trying to get rid of these books. You can PM me! Thanks!

Good luck in the program!

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I'll be interested. I don't start until the Spring semester, though, so I don't have a required/recommended book list. Remind us closer to Spring?

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I have books for all quarters available along with the "made incredibly easy" books, "reviews and rationales" and some other books that helped in my success through nursing school. So I am offering help to students at any point during the program, not just those who are starting.

Campus bookstores are a rip off for the used books they sell.

If I have any books left by the spring, I will post again. I have already sold 6 books since first posting. :-)

Also feel free to ask any questions about the program.

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