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Does anyone have any experience with the fin aid office at Drexel. I am applying to the ACE program and was wondering how they work with students...do I have to chase them down or are they more than willing to help me???

Did you also receive enough money for the cost of tuition or did you have to come out of pocket at all? My EFC is over 6K now but that is because I work a full time job now...I will have to submit a change of status form to get it to reflect what I make ($NOTHING) when I am in school full time...


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Hi- I went to the Drexel ACE program (graduated in Oct'03) and first of all make sure you are dealing with Drexel Center City/Hahnemann not Drexel (Main Campus or Queen Lane). Second- they are next to impossible to get a CALL from- live in person they are helpful but not over the phone. If you can go in person do so- lastly- I do not know when you are actually starting or in school- get one of the deans involved- I think KAren Heller was her name from Nursing and health professions and she was a big help.

I can not speak to amounts- I was fortunate enough to only need a few thousands and I got a loan not true "financial aid".

The BEST oart is that most hospitals in teh Philly area have some sort of money to help you repay loans as well as other funds out there (1199C- new faces)

Hope this helps



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you have to say on them like flies on s^&% !!!!

basically you do all the work yourself and check on them .... if you are lucky you can find one person...talk to them all the time...they are more likely to help you that way


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Thanks guys...I will keep that in mind this summer and fall when dealing with them. The guy that I spoke with made it sound like you automatically get the full 10,500 a year for school from loans...

Yep, I agree with the above posters, they never returned calls, when I when in to visit, I waited forever to see a counselor, etc. The ACE program is confusing too because you only get three disbursements, because that is all that is allowed by federal regulations. So the program is in quarters, and you will get money three of those quarters from your loans-- you will get extra each time and will have to use the extra to pay the tuition for the quarter you don't get a disbursement.


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I had no prob with financial aid at Drexel. They just sent me a packet informing me of how much I will recieve, and I applied at FAFSA only a month prior to being contacted...If your applying for a signature loan from Sallie Mae, be prepared to wait...

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