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Drexel Co Op? Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer?


I am currently a freshman in the nursing program. I don't know which Co Op I want. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each time slot? And what income level would a lvl 1 nursing co op have?

Thanks in advance

Hello! I went to Drexel and I had spring/summer co-ops. I strongly suggest doing the same. Trying to commute to work in the winter is awful, and you can't call out. Whereas Drexel sometimes closes for a snow day.

I also suggest spring/summer because if you were to work fall/winter, then go to class spring/summer, after your last co-op, you'll be in school spring/summer, then fall/winter/spring until you graduate. That's 5 terms in a row! With no breaks in between! I don't think i would be able to get through that and keep my sanity haha.

As far as pay, for my first co-op I only made like $8/hr but it depends on which co-op you get. Some are even volunteer type positions which are unpaid. So don't expect much! Some can go up to the $10s but it's all depending on where you work.

Feel free to PM me if you need help or have any other questions. I did the 5 year 3 co-op option and just graduated in June. It's a really good school. Good luck!