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Drexel ACE Program


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I have seen some posts about Drexel's second degree program and was wondering what kind of GPA's people have applying to the program. Also, how many students do they accept? Did you also get fin aid to cover all the costs of the program or did you need to take out private loans?


Everyone took out loans, loans, and more loans. There aren't really scholarships out there for people who already have Bachelor's degrees. You can however, look into a work contract for a hefty sum of money after you graduate. Some hospitals will pay you $15,000 and up for a 3 year work committment. I took out Stafford Loans as well as a Sallie Mae Signature loan. I don't really think Drexel is selective in it's admissions as long as you meet the requirements. I think they have a big waiting list though. My college GPA was only a 2.85 and I got accepted (and did WAY better than that in the Drexel program!).


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Hey EmeraldNYL-

I sent you a PM with a million questions! I hope you don't mind. Please answer what you feel like!

Thanks for your help :)

I'm going to be in the program also & will have questions of my own. Debt will probably be a necessity, especially if you're part of the working world & don't qualify for subsidies. But some employers offer "slave" deals (some are truly slavery programs, others are probably worthy, only networking and questioning prospective employers will tell you). You'll probably have to decide what you're looking for in terms of your career and may need to ask yourself what's most important--dollars, environment, skills learned, etc. Dollars are important to us all, but if they're the guiding light then expect to bear a shovel wherever that leads you.

I'll monitor this thread & post accordingly. Good luck!

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Emarald I am scared drexel won't accept me because my GPA is a 2.85 even thought the req is a 2.75

since you got accepted what do you think ?

you think they will accept me?

ok waiting for ur reply.

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