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I will be starting the Ace program at the end of March and I am both excited and nervous. I was just wondering if anybody that has gone through the program can give me an idea of what I am in for?

Will I be told at the Orientation (mid-march) what I need to buy (scrubs, books, etc) or should I already have that stuff?

How organized, helpful are the teachers? Is there alot of help if you need it?

How are the clinicals? Do they really try to keep the clinicals near where you live?

Any info is much appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!!


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I saw that you started the ACE program in March. I actually just started four days ago. I know that no one replied to your thread but if you could please let me know how it is going for you and any tips or advice I would REALLY appreciate it. It already feels like everyone came into the program behind haha. How is it going for you? Did you find that the teachers tested more from lecture than from the books? Do we really need to buy all those books? Anything you could tell me would be greatly appreciated. Good luck with the rest of your program and I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!!!


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I guess I'm in your class, Nova11. It has been interesting. We are definately coming in behind. They post all the readings for first day of class on Saturday, and we have to have it read by first day of class (three classes on Moday for me). Sheesh!

But I'll try to answer some of the questions in the first post...and I'll leave the rest for someone who has come before us.

Once you are accepted, you will get a package in the mail telling you what to buy uniform wise. Drexel has an agreement (or whatever else you want to call it) with Central Uniform in center city Philadelphia. You can either order it online, or you can go in the store. Either way, ORDER EARLY. They are actually very helpful at the store, I went in and tried on the uniforms. They know EXACTLY what you need so you really don't need to bring your list with you when you go. So it's actually not bad. You do NOT need it by orientation, but you WILL need it for first day of clinical, which will be the first week of classes. Some of my classmates had their name spelt wrong, or did not have a complete uniform by first day of clinical. Don't panic if it happens to you, just explain to them what happened.

List of books will be e-mailed to you sometime before orientation, so set up your e-mail account as soon as you are able, and check it once a week. I think my list arrived a week or two before the orientation.

We had to read Calculate with Confidence and be ready for a quiz on orientation day, (it'll be in the letter they sent you) but we never took it. First math quiz is next week for me.

Teachers are helpful, just go ask them, but I don't know about everyone else, but I've had instructors telling me different things on the same procedure. So...I am going by the book until I am told differently, I can always back myself up with the book.

Clinical sites...I had my first clinical today at Abington Hospital, and I live in south Jersey. So...I will be driving over an hour to get to my clinical site every other week this quarter. You get assigned to a site, and you are stuck there for 11 weeks. You will be told about that during orientation. To answer your question, no, they do NOT try to place you near where you live, but rather wherever they got space for you.

With that, I should get back to my studying...I have to try to catch up on all of my readings and prepare for exams. Good luck to you all, and any help from former or current ACErs would be appreciated.

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