Drexel ACE Fall 2019


Hi Guys, I know it is still relatively early but I was just wondering if anyone else has submitted their applications. I applied for the 11 month day program. Also where you guys stand on completeing prerequisites and so on. I will list my stats and I'd love to hear from you all. Good luck everyone!

Bachelors Gpa- 2.9 (I'm still in school, anticipated graduation May 2019)

Associates Gpa- 3.5

Prereqs Gpa- 3.38

-English Comp: A

-Lifespan Psych: C

-Nutrition: A

-Statistics: A

-Chemistry: A

-A&P I: B+

-A&P II: B

-Microbiology: B-


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Also I would love to hear from any current student in the 11 month program about your experiences? Would you recommend this program to prospective students? Thank you


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I also applied for the ACE program. I applied during the first week of August and I was told they will start reviewing applications after the priority deadline.



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Hi! I also applied to the 11 month ACE program for fall 2019. My application was completed the first week of September. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in biology this past August. The only prereq I have to finish is Microbiology (I took a higher level version of Micro in undergrad, taking the lower level to get a better grade). I can't wait to find out if I got into the program!! Good luck to everyone.


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Hi, I had all my materials in by 9/11/18. I am graduating May 2019, but my stats are 3.1 cumulative and 3.5 pre-req.. still need to take nutrition.


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Hi, I also submitted mine last month 9/18 with transcripts received by them 9/15 and 10/2. I did pre-requisite courses at a community college after graduating Summer 2017. I am hoping I get into this program as my undergrad GPA is low, but hopefully they look at my pre-req courses instead. I still need to take Human growth and development which I will take the CLEP exam.


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I had a status update on my application today requesting additional documents be filled out from the schools I have attended.. so everyone check your application because I didn't receive an email saying that an update had been made!


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Hello! I also applied, not so patiently waiting for a decision :-). I was wondering what types of additional documents they asked for? (If you don't mind me asking)



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I had to have forms filled out from schools I have attended because I took pre-requisite or elective courses at these schools that were actually labeled "NURS" or "NSG".. I believe they were requesting clarification to see if I had ever been enrolled or removed from a nursing program previously


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Hello! I was accepted to the program today. I'm still waiting to hear back from one other, so not sure what my decision will be just yet. I'm currently living in Colorado but am from the Philly area originally.

I received an email update to check my discover Drexel account and was able to view the acceptance from there.


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Congratulations!!! That's awesome! Can I ask about your GPA and when you applied?

Congrats Again!!!


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Thanks so much! I'm elated. My app was submitted 8/29 and they received the last transcript on 9/4.

As far as GPA, i had a 3.41 from my previous degree and a 3.7 for pre requisites. I'm currently taking Chemistry but had all others completed. Good luck!!!