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As JACHO approaches, we are once again in panic mode. Now administration is questioning our dress code in IRL. For all procedures, we have followed the same protocol that is used to insert a central line. The Radiologist and scrub use sterile gowns, sterile gloves, masks, hats, shoe covers, and eye protection. Radiology techs and monitor RN's wear hospital supplied scrubs and do not routinely wear hats and masks as they are not in the sterile field. Our room has no special air flow and is not off a clean hallway. Many people pass through in street clothes.

Our current infection rate is nearly 0.

I would greatly appreciate any input as to what others in IRL/angio are doing. I've done many hours of web surfing with very little out there to guide us. Our staff feels OR standards are a bit over the top but all agree we want to do what's right.


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For myelograms/LP's we require sterile tray set-up, sterile drapes and prep on pt. Radiologist wears lead gown, sterile gloves, and mask. All others in room are "clean". With the exception of long hair being up in a hat. The biggest study I found was the use of masks being critical. Our infection rate, to my knowledge, is 0.


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I am sure by now you have cleared this up for your institution (a whole year has passed!) but just for the sake of sharing, our hospital requires our IR suites to follow the same policies as the OR. It actually always did, but we recently started really enforcing it, probably about a year ago. Everyone wears hospital-issued scrubs (including inpatient staff who travel with their patient to our department) if they enter our suites. Everyone wears hat and mask (and of course lead if there will be flouro) and those approaching the field will also wear gowns, gloves, and eye protection.