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I am looking forward to apply to the Accelerated BSN program at downstate that starts in summer 2018. I am currently finishing up my prerequisites at BMCC. I would appreciate any feedback, insights, suggestions etc that anyone who has been through the ABSN program at Downstate may have. Please share your advice and comments here.

Thank you


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I considered Downstate for a while, but then dropped it from my list of schools to apply to. I decided to do so mostly because there are so many pre-reqs this school requires I figured I'd spend years on them, and I could not take that chance. You can find lots of info about this school by simply searching on this site: Downstate ABSN/SUNY Downstate ABSN. I read that school is disorganized, and that you have to teach yourself pretty much. However, I feel like it is with most schools nowadays.


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I have heard that most of the ABSN programs are self taught. Did you attend their recent open house?