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Dove Apparel Uniforms

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Hi all. I am starting clinicals soon and our school requires Dove uniforms. Is there a more "cost efficient" :twocents: place to buy these other than the website or does anyone have some they want to sell?????

We had to have Dove uniform - there actually was NO other place to buy except the website for us. I will have to say that I loved my uniform (we actually just had the tops). They were stain resistant (white) and always looked nice - they are a little stiff and I had the top that buttoned in the back and was more fitted than a regular scrub top. Ours were specific to our school so mine had a dark purple piping. Also, pay attention to the size - have someone measure you to make sure you get the correct size.

Dove has a scholarship award that you can apply for that would cover the cost of your uni's.

I think you have to write a letter and get one from a professor.

I got mine that way.

Those were so expensive!!! They held up good tho.


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I would love to sell you my Dove apparel scrubs! I'm not sure if you would want the tops, considering I had to sew my university patch onto the sleeve of each top, but I have 2 white tops (1 unisex, 1 fitted female), 1 white lab coat, and 2 forest green bottoms. PM me if you're interested.

I have some Dove tops that I got at a local scrub store for $15 each! Have you checked out the stores?

does the DOVE uniform run big? according to the sizing chart, i'm a XL! but, i'm usually a L. should i stick with an L? or XL?

Anyone else willing to sell their Dove Uniforms sz M? I'm starting in August and am trying to find any way possible to save some $$.:) Thanks in advance! Melissa

I am a male nurse and I wore the 3 men's zippered tops I bought after school until they fell apart. Unfortunately they only sell to students now.