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Hi all. I am starting clinicals soon and our school requires Dove uniforms. Is there a more "cost efficient" :twocents: place to buy these other than the website or does anyone have some they want to sell?????


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We had to have Dove uniform - there actually was NO other place to buy except the website for us. I will have to say that I loved my uniform (we actually just had the tops). They were stain resistant (white) and always looked nice - they are a little stiff and I had the top that buttoned in the back and was more fitted than a regular scrub top. Ours were specific to our school so mine had a dark purple piping. Also, pay attention to the size - have someone measure you to make sure you get the correct size.


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Dove has a scholarship award that you can apply for that would cover the cost of your uni's.

I think you have to write a letter and get one from a professor.

I got mine that way.

Those were so expensive!!! They held up good tho.


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I would love to sell you my Dove apparel scrubs! I'm not sure if you would want the tops, considering I had to sew my university patch onto the sleeve of each top, but I have 2 white tops (1 unisex, 1 fitted female), 1 white lab coat, and 2 forest green bottoms. PM me if you're interested.

I have some Dove tops that I got at a local scrub store for $15 each! Have you checked out the stores?


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does the DOVE uniform run big? according to the sizing chart, i'm a XL! but, i'm usually a L. should i stick with an L? or XL?


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Anyone else willing to sell their Dove Uniforms sz M? I'm starting in August and am trying to find any way possible to save some $$.:) Thanks in advance! Melissa

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I am a male nurse and I wore the 3 men's zippered tops I bought after school until they fell apart. Unfortunately they only sell to students now.