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I have been reading blogs and forums on the internet about nursing as a career, and it's really beginning to scare me. The posts were from nurses of all ages from new grads to 35 years experience veterans and from LPNs, RNs, and MSNs. Most of them seem to agree that nursing is not the same profession that it used to be. They believe that is has become too technical and that nursing schools focus more on classroom settings instead of more clinical practicing. Also, many stated that nurses are really burned out compared to the past because now they have a heavier patient load and don't really have time to really care for patients but they seem more like robots and that the health care industry care more about money than really caring for patients. In addition, they agree that there is no nursing shortage. The problem is that nurses are quitting but hospitals are refusing to hire new nurses to replace them but putting more work on the nurses that stay. I will be beginning nursing school in three weeks and I'm already stressed. I don't know what to expect and after reading all the posts from nurses. I'm beginning to doubt my decision on becoming a nurse. I've already chosen nursing as a second career choice (I recently graduated with a BS degree in Biology and realized that that was a mistake) and I don't want to waste any more time. I have worked shortly as a Direct Care Provider in a developmental facility for the mentally retarded and I loved it. That was one reason why I chose to apply to nursing school. But one of the nurses in the forum said that she had started off as a Nurses Aid and the LVN then went on to become a RN. She said that she would have rather stayed in LVN because it was more rewarding. Also, I have seen that a lot of new RN graduates are having a hard time finding jobs and that most jobs require some experience. I've looked at employment in my area and have not found many RN openings and the ones that are opened are only PRN. I'm worried that I'll become a RN and then graduate and can't get a job and waste another two years. Any advice or comments? I would really like to know the reality of becoming a nurse.


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well let me try to calm your fears...first all i was in your place just 2 short yrs ago..scared like crap and unsure of what to think or do about going to nursing school or much less being a nurse. if you are commtted to becomming a nurse, just concentrate on going through school and pass, then pass your boards. this job thing runs in cycles (thats what the old timers tell me anyway) a large part of it is this lousy economy, and the govenor is always playing with medicaid/medicare state reinbursements to the hospitals and the hospital adiminstrators freak out and put hiring freezes on, but they pass after a while, the same thing happened last yr. by the time you get out maybe the job outlook will be much more available, maybe not. i work in the jackson area but live north of ross barnett. so the fulltime hospital im at has postiion available and the partime places i'm at do to, the thing is you might not find a position you always wanted, but chances are if you are a decent applicant youll get offered a job or two. as far as working short staffed, well until they get some sort of staff ratio in mississippi its always going to be some sort of issue, now some places are worse than others with that, but by the time you get out of school you will have heard from other nurses which places to stay away from, you'll find that nursing in mississippi is a small community and the word spreads fast. stay cool, dont sweat the small stuff, get through school and boards, go into the interview process with a open mind and play safe.. good luck.


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Thanks for replying. I think I'm just fearing the unknown, but I'm gonna go ahead and try it. I've always been the kind of person who has my own judgement and try things for myself, so maybe I will like it even though others didn't. I hope by the time I graduate the economy will be better and I'll be able to find a descent job.


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Most all of the concerns you list are more or less true. If you're interested in becoming a nurse because you really want to practice nursing, go for it. If you are interested in becoming a nurse primarily because you have the idea that it's an occupation with good income and job security (as many people who post on this board seem to be), you're likely to end up disappointed and dissatisfied. As you note, only you can decide if it's the right choice for you.

Best wishes!

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