Doubting myself so much!!

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This is a little vent here for me.

I was an adult nurse for 2 years. Oncology. I did nights at first and then became days. Met my bf on days.

I grew tired and honestly burned out from my unit after a while. 

However I had a great schedule, and I was on dayshift which I prefer much more over nights. Same schedule as my s/o who worked with me.

I applied to a NICU in another hospital nearby, for nightshift. I got the job. 

I'm very excited about the change in specialty so far.. and It's a whole new world for me right now. A lot of learning. I'm only 2 weeks in and soon I will be precepting with a nurse and see the neonates even closer.

I was and still am not excited for the nightshift transition.. but I'm hoping it'll work out. I'm super anxious about this. The wait to days is LONG. My orientation would be on days. 


I keep doubting myself and sometimes I get down on myself and feel bad for having left a great schedule where I had a good work life balance.. for nightshift. I won't even see my bf anymore as much and that bothers me. 

I felt so stuck and unhappy on my old unit and felt like my life was not moving in any direction when I was there. I literally cried about it and was always upset when I was not offered a job to anywhere that I would apply to. 

My motivation to work there was low many times and I knew that I needed some kind of change.

 I got the change I asked for, and now I'm doubting myself and being negative about it!! 

Maybe it's my age, but I hate how indecisive I can be and how negative I can be on myself. I have no kids and live at home for reference. 

I'm already scared the NICU position would get in the way of my work life balance and that I would need to look for something with a better schedule. 

I can never be happy!

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I don't see anything wrong with seeing the negative and reality of the choice you made.   You've worked nights before and now how hard it is and you're now in a relationship and that will be hard.  Acknowledge that aspect.  

Sounds like it's a done deal so remind yourself why you want this job, why your old job didn't work for you, and keep on moving on and make it work.  If on down the line you're finding the negative aspect of working nights for you isn't working you can always go to a plan B.  Good luck and congrats on your new job!  

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