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double nurse practitioner job



I am a new Adult Gero NP graduate in New Jersey I have been a full time community Nurse for the past 4 years with experience in emergency, brain trauma, sub-acute etc (have been a nurse 9)

I love the flexibility of home care and a new position has opened up in my job for a home care nurse practitioner. The good thing with this, As I mentioned is the flexibility. I can see 5-6 patients half a day. This leaves we with the other half day open to pursue a part time position as an NP in a different setting (Part time nursing home).

I love to do both and I believe I will be able to manage the time. My question is , is there any conflict of interest with this? Can I work two jobs (full time and part -time ) as a nurse practitioner in NJ in two different settings? Are we only allowed to have 1 collaborating practice?


Jules A, MSN

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

I can't speak for how Jersey does it but we used to need a separate collaborating physician for each practice but now we only need one for all jobs. I'm sure there is a way you will just need to figure out what your board of nursing requires. I have always worked more than one job.