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Hi, i am a new grad, I FINALLY have a job interveiw coming up next week, its a position in a DOU/PCU.

I don't know what to expect in the interveiw, apart from basic interveiw questions, what else should i prepare for?

What type of case scenarios should i prepare for? .........what do i need to know before hand? I am so nervous, I am thinking of studying cardiac stuff from my med-surg book.

Any advise or tip is appreciated

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As a new grad, they aren't expecting you to know much. Just be yourself and above all professional. I just did a peer interview the other day where a girl said "F-off" in relation to a story about a patient!

Know your strenghts and weakness, why you want to work on said unit, what you will bring to the unit, how do you handle stress, conflict, do you communicate well and give an example. Tell them how much you really want the job! Good Luck.

Thanks for your response, i think i can handle the regular interview questions, my fear is scenario questions.

When answering clinical scenario questions remember to say that you would assess ABCs and call for help.

For example, they might say "what would you do if you went into your patient's room and their HR was 35?"

You really can't go wrong if you say you would assess the patient and call for back up. You'd look for signs of poor perfusion and take a blood pressure. What you find during your assessment will determine the plan of treatment.

Managers know that you are a new grad and don't expect you to run a code. However, they do expect you to know basic CPR and that you will ask for help when you're unsure about something.

Good luck on your interview and keep us updated! :nurse:

thanks meemer, i appreciate your response, will update after the interveiw

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Good luck, let us know!

Ok, had the interveiw, soooooo many case scenerios....ehmmmm well, i felt good after the interveiw though, i did my best, will hear back in 2 weeks...thats a long

thanks for your support, will keep you posted

Hi Noski,

Congrats on getting through the interview. Can you share some of the case scenarios you were given?


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