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Hi everyone, I'm new here! I'm currently doing my prerequisites for the LPN program, math and A&P. I can do the math with the calculator and formulas but I'm stressed out thinking about applying it to the real world. How do you do it all without a calculator and working it out? Thanks a lot!

Why do you assume nurses in the real world don't use calculators?

Maybe half the med calculations are easy, Dr orders 450 mg, the 300 mg tablets are scored, what do you give. One and 1/2 tablets. You can do that in your head, or with a pencil and paper.

In spite of that obvious, easy, example, all nurses, all med rooms, all nursing stations should have calculators around for easy and complex medication calculations.

I had no idea. I shadowed at an urgent care and never saw one. So I assumed all of it was done mentally. Especially in hospitals and emergency rooms since those are a lot more fast paced. Good to know. Thanks!

Ideally doctors and drug companies make dispensing drugs as idiot proof as possible. As in my first example.

If you ever find yourself having to do a complex math equation, give 1/3, or 6 and 3/8 of a tablet STOP. Either the order is wrong or you've pulled the wrong drug.

Also it is very rare, as in never happens, that you need to give more than two of the same medication at the same time.

If a pill comes is 300 mg, and the order is for 1500 mg....yikes, triple check with the doctor, and, or find out if the pill is available in 500 mg tablets because something is wrong.

Your question is brilliant. Probably 3/8 :yes:, of your classmates have the same question but are embarrassed to ask.

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