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I have this dosage question where the wording is ambiguous:

Order: Infuse 2 pints whole blood over the next 6 hours. The patient already received 1000 mL plasmanate and two IVPB antibiotics 75 mL each. How many mL will the patient receive at the end of 6 hours?

Is the answer zero, since at the end of 6 hours the patient won't be receiving anything else since all the meds already will have infused or is the question looking for me to add up all the mL the patient will receive over the 6 hours? Also, if adding up all the mL would I include the 1000 mL plasmanate and the two 75 mL antibiotics which were already received?

I appreciate any help on this one.

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total mLs over the 6 hours. Since the plasmanate and antibiotics were already given, just count the mLs of blood. The plasmanate and antibiotics are in the question as a distraction.


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I appreciate it, thanks for the help!