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First let me apologize if I'm posting incorrectly. I just found this site while I was trying to research Dorsey Schools in MI. My wife went to check them out and now is interested in taking their Patient care Technician program. She told me it was about 16 months long going 3 days a week in the evenings. My concern is that I can't find anything good OR bad about this school online. Also the quoted tuition seemed kind of high to me. I'm not sure if im allowed to post the quote on here, so I will refrain for now. She is not currently in the medical field, so this is pretty much of a career change for her. Has anyone had any experience with this school in Michigan? Would this route be a good starting point for her in her career change? Any comments would greatly be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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Hello and welcome to! :) I must say, 16 months is an awfully long time for any patient care technician program. Many hospitals nowadays will train their employees to be PCTs and the class usually lasts around 6 weeks, Mon-Fri. Have you checked your state's Board of Nursing website? Good luck!

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Also take a look at vocational schools for CNA programs. The one in my city offers a 6-week course (meeting 3 nights a week) for $635.

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