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Dorsey LPN Program

by tea1005 tea1005 (New) New

So I passed the teas test at Dorsey in madison heights YAYY!!

So after, I spoke with the financial aid advisor. She stated the tuition was about 29,000$ and that my financial aid would cover most, but I still owe 8,000$. She said I would have to pay about 377$ a month out of my pocket!! I can't afford that. Did anyone else have the same situation?? How did you guys pay for your tuition? Or you didn't have to pay anything out of pocket??

I go for my test on Thursday . When is the next class starting? And what are the times. ..

Apply for Michigan works they pay up to 5,000

The next class starts Jan 11th. 8am-2pm (mon-friday)

Thanks for your response someone else told me to look into michigan works as well.

How did the test go ?

Im in the program now I will be done in March. I had to pay 370 every month,I had my husband who helped out and I had to cut alot of spending and going out. My advice would be to have a solid support system because so much can go on in a year financially and emotionally,but once your in the program it all make sense. So if you can afford it I would say do it even if its going to be tight because in 12 months your going to be making $24-25HR. Hope this helped.

I passed now all i have to do is my interview !

How many hours do u suggest a person to work? I only work 4 hours a day 5 days a week but when school starts i plan on dropping dwn to 3-4 days.

Congrats!!! did they give you quote about your financial aid?

Not yet i have to pay off a loan before i start the financial aid process. I got approved for the michigan works program . I really think u should apply for it.l! So u want have to pay that much

Which one did you go too? I went to the one on meyers at the northwest activity center and the one on michigan ave in southwest. They both said they have a hold on there funds for lpn training :(

Hi! Im going to be your classmate yay! I was told the same thing , but I have to pay 347 a month. It may be different because of my Dependants, but still owing near 8000. I'm so ready to start!

Yayy!! Im glad to meet someone starting with me :)

So did you guys graduate yet? How do you like being a LPN?

Currently in the program now at the Wayne campus. STAY AWAY, STAY FAR AWAY. This place is a joke. The DON acts like shes gods gift to earth. extremely unprofessional, as long as your payments are on time and you don't cheat you'll pass all classes. The teachers don't teach. i have called corporate 3-5 times already.