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what does DORRES mean (on the orders)


I just got my orders last week one of the lines says

DOB:19650809 DORRES: 20070720 PEBD 20090120

dob is date of birth, pebd is pay entry base date, I have looked for the DORRES and havent found it anywhere, that date is 6 months prior to me even contacting the army reserves/

What do you have to do to get your military ID?

athena55, BSN, RN

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DORRES usually is your date of record, Reserves. Meaning, the date you took the Oath to become a Commissioned Officer in the USAR. Not sure what to tell you...

Once you have your orders you could contact your Recrutier and ask her/him or call the post that you will be drilling or attending your battle assemblies at, and ask when the ID section will be open so that you can obtain your CAC.

Good Luck!


our unit doesnt do the ID's we have to go to the national guard center in jeff city to get them (30 miles away) what all will I have to bring with me? drivers license, orders? what else?

athena55, BSN, RN

Specializes in critical care: trauma/oncology/burns. Has 38 years experience.


Yes, 2 forms of picture ID...Your, I think it is the DA Form 70 (Oath) or at least know the date that you raised your right hand.

To start the ball rolling and register for your AKO account:


This is where you can register for an account, without your CAC (for now)

Underneath the AKO/AKO banner you will see New User? click on register for AKO

You will see "If you fit into any of the following categories, please click below to create an Army account"

Click on "Create Army Account"

You will see the Privacy Act Statement and the Registration Information. Read it then, if you agree, click on "Next"

The next page is Identification. Fill in the required blocks or boxes....Your SSN and your DOB

Then follow the prompts on each page.

I hope this helps you until you can go get your CAC.

Once you have your CAC I would also advise you to go to the local PX and obtain a CAC or Smart Card Reader. The PX sells them for under $25. You will need this especially since you live so far away from post, when you want to access your AKO account as the day will come when you will need the CAC to access AKO ...Now you can access it using either your CAC and/or your username (which is your first.last name example: mary.smith) and a password that you will have to change q 150 days. If you have a CAC or smart card reader you can change your password yourself without going to an Army Post .

I hope this helps you


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