Dopplers on your crash cart?


Do you keep a doppler on your crash cart? Is there a doppler available on the crash cart when you respond outside of the critical care areas? Does anyone have recommendations for a quality battery powered doppler?

Thanks for your help!! :balloons:

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I don't have a crash cart at my facility (assisted living), but want to share a funny story about one!

We had doplers on ours when I worked in hospital. One day a man goes into asystole, and it was a circus! There were 3 interns in a room with 2 nurses (including myself) and and MD. Okay crowded room to say the least. We got the pads on the gent and in comes the MD screaming about doing chest compressions and jumps on the bed to start!

Okay we were about to shock! If that wasn't enough...a younger intern had the dopler to try to find pedal pulses on the patient. Ummm asysole? Think you will find any??? LOL! here is a doc on the mans chest in the bed, a student with a METAL PROBE on this mans feet, and the shock comming! Seconds to react! I was closest to the end of the bed so I basically tackled the intern hopeing I didn't get shocked...we went to the ground in a thump...but not as loud of a thump as the MD as he was pulled to the ground! LOL!!!!!

The gent died unfortunately...but so glad that we didn't have to turn that one code into three! I guess they were too excited to hear the three times we said CLEAR! Sheesh!

So I go back to my service area and got yelled at by my charge nurse "why were you over there!". Just then the intern came and hugged me and said "she saved my life!!!!!". I explained what happened to my charge nurse and she said "oh well thats different then (trying not to laugh to hard at the poor intern...we laughed later!). those probes in codes! LOL~!

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