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Done working as a CNA


This is going to be more of a vent than asking a question. Its probably going to be long and all over the place but as of right now i can't take being a CNA anymore. I don't have a problem doing the job itself it's the other people i work with. I admit i am agency so i get put in different facilities but it's just so much drama, gossip, and a lot like high school. This is all nursing homes. The one i was at on Sunday is my regular one I've been at for a few months. I thought i was doing a good job seeing as we were short staffed and i had 12 people to get up on dayshift. Another girl and i decided to just tag team the floor and we got everything done on time. I planned on doing a double and was told at the beginning of the 2nd shift that i would be on the same floor. About an hour in i get pulled to anther floor and they had more than enough staff up there. I was told to be a float (do the showers vitals ice etc) i did the vitals and the girl who was doing a 1:1 asked if she could do the vitals and i take over the 1:1 i agreed. Well after she got all the showers dine she said she wanted to be back to her 1:1. No one needed my help and i still had 2 hours left. I took my lunch break, helped where i could but there wasn't much to do. The next day i come in for anther double and was asked how i was doing and i simply said i was tired. That's it. Then i was doing my cares in my assignment and the other 2 girls left me to do their assignments together. Whatever I'll still ask for help when i need it. I get my assignment done and have a few minutes to spare so i started talking to the nurse for about 10 minutes. Just small talk. Finish my dayshift without any real complaints. Evening shift the same thing happened where i kept getting attitude from a fellow cna who had decided to tag team and make me a third wheel. I told her i was going to give someone a bed bath because i had never showered them and was afraid they would fall out of the shower chair since they were a wiggle worm and a fighter. She said dont be lazy just shower him. I shower him it went fine and other than her remark the night went fine. Well today i got a phone call from my boss and she said this was my first and last warning and i was confused and she said that if i don't start working harder i will be fired. I asked what she was talking about and she said that the facility called her saying that i am not to go back there because I'm lazy, no one likes working with me, i complain too much, and i anyways try to get out of doing my work. I explained what happened with the few issues i had and she said that she didn't believe me and that it was their word against mine. At this point I'm looking for a job in warehouse or something where i don't have to deal with a lot of people. Like i said it's not the job. I can handle that it's the he said she gosippers that twist things that i can't handle.

Missingyou, CNA

Specializes in Long term care. Has 20 years experience.

I hear you, I feel your frustration. Mostly because I am feeling things alot like you are now.

We are FAR from lazy, yet, we are told we need to do better.

:banghead: Maybe if we had been slacking all along it wouldn't be so frustrating.