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Directors and/or Assistant Directors at SNF/rehab/LTC facility?

Pros vs cons? Duties? Is the salary worth the frustration? Is it worth leaving the hospital bedside?

Contemplating leaving the hospital and applying to multiple positions for ADON or DON. Let me know your advice!

Thank you!




Specializes in Geriatrics, Rehab, Skilled, Memory Care, Case Mgmt.

Hard work but very manageable and ENJOYABLE  with appropriate staff (administrator, MDS, staff developer, etc). However, EVERYONE in management MUST be on the same page and like-minded and have same goals for their residents & building. Otherwise, you will be up a creek without any paddles. Ask LOTS of questions during interview, walk through the building, talk to staff, meet with other members in management, & meet some residents. Get a “vibe” of the environment and trust your gut. It’s a wonderful and fulfilling position to be in, IF you have a like-minded team. Now, that doesn’t mean you all have to personally like each other, but everyone has to have the same vision. 

Lina Jhon

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Hi what did u finally decided am in delima of choice too


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