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Hey guys, just want to complain. Its 5:19 am eastern time and I just got done with my 11th case of the shift. Started work on a 24 hr shift and have worked non-stop for 22 hours with two 15min breaks. I know its hard to believe but I think I just set a new school record at my program.

Usually you pull a 24hr but you never really work for the entire 24 but thats not the case today. I just dropped off a ASA class 5 to the unit who went head first into a car from a harley with no head gear. Hes got vitals-- thats all cause they removed alot of his brain.

I love anes but I am too tired to learn anymore today!!

Later time to find a couch!! Lee


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God bless you and keep you. Is this legal? To work a person half to death like this?????


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yeeesh. and to belive I relish the day I will be able to say that.

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me too. I'm so anxious to get in the OR, I can hardly contain myself. Hope you get some rest,Gow.


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Ok its now fri, I think I have recouped--ready to do some more call!!

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