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Does 1 year of Med surg experience help get a different job 10 years down the road?

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Hi everyone, I am a senior BSN student and I have been contemplating which type of job I should accept.  I am very interested in a labor and delivery nurse residency because I loved my L&D clinical.  However, after I applied to nurse residencies that said they included L&D, about 5 different hospitals responded saying that they would give me an interview for med-surg, telemetry, or ortho but that their L&D unit wasn't hiring.  I really want to do L&D so my questions are: 1. should I hold out until I find SOME hospital that will hire me straight onto L&D or should I accept a med-surg position and transfer within the hospital to L&D after a year? 2. I love L&D but what if 10 years down the road I want a different job because I have a family or realize I don't like L&D anymore (the latter is unlikely but you never know). Would one year of med surg experience really affect my job opportunities 10 years or more down the road?  I would think after 10 years I wouldn't remember what I learned from med surg anyways. TIA!!!

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