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Does not working during NP school affect job opportunities?

LizP LizP (New) New Nurse Student

Has 12 years experience.

So I just recently started my master's program for FNP at the University of Cincinnati. I also just had my second baby. Because of COVID-19 my daughter can't go to school and having two kids, I would have to pay so much for daycare that working would just cover that cost. I was going to put my two weeks notice in and just focus on my kids and school but I'm nervous about having an employment gap when I'm finished with my degree. Does anyone have any advice? Do you think this makes a difference when getting a job? Any advice?

Mae_W, BSN, RN

Has 7 years experience.

My FNP director told me at the interview that she does not recommend to have a full time job while in FNP school. I am in Indiana, I am working with a instate health staffing agency, they post the long-term care facility shifts that need RN covering, I just pick ones that I am available and willing to do, they pay a lot higher, just no benefits. I like the flexibility of it, I can work any time I want to, perfect for student NP. If you worry about employment gap, this is an option, you still work, just with agency, but how many shifts you work a month, they do not have to know. IF you want to work in hospitals through agency, usually those require a contract which I don't want.

But I don't think the gap matters, because the RN experience doesn't even count much at all when you first apply for FNP position.

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myoglobin, ASN, BSN, MSN

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Working "somewhere" in nursing helps and working in the specialty that you will graduating in (Acute Care Nurse Practitioner working in ICU) helps a great deal. As a recent PMHNP graduate, I was able to secure job offers without recent psych experience mainly because I had many years of ICU including neurotrauma experience right up and until graduation. However, I lost to better qualified new graduates for several jobs who had recent psych experience. Thus, I would certainly maintain some employment if possible. Also, in the unlikely event that you have to quit school, fail, or have other issues you will be much more employable as an RN if you keep working to even a minimal extent.