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Does your spouse/SO travel with you?

GiBalerio GiBalerio (New) New

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So I'm a newbie nurse waiting to get my 2 years experience before I start traveling the country, but I was just wanted to know, does your spouse or significant other travel with you? Do they work? If so, what do they do?

My hubby and I are trying to find something for him to do while I give in to my wanderlust. :whe!:

ERRNTraveler, RN

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I travel with my husband- he is going to school on-line, finishing his business degree.

amy0123, BSN, RN

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I met a few travel nurses that had brought their boyfriends or husbands. I have heard them referred to as "tag-alongs" or "he's good for nothing." They've had frequent arguments about travel finances. Some are just happy with the situation.

I have read somewhere to ask the recruiter if the hospital could use the husband/boyfriend at the facility. I'm not sure what position but I could guess a janitor, transporter or clerk. He could get a CNA license. Or if he is a handy-man, he could probably find a company in the area. Or work at walmart, best buy, surf shop, pizza delivery or something like that. :wink2:

One nurse said her husband could be a cab driver - she pushed him about it, but he said wasn't familiar with the area even with a gps (what if it malfunctioned etc) so she let it go.

Another nurse's husband worked as a temporary for a computer programming company, and he was able to get assignments near by his wife's facility. It worked out great. They traveled for about a year.

I know an electrical engineer that goes on frequent travel assignments around the world and all over the USA. His wife stays home to take care of their child. If she was a nurse, I'm pretty sure they could always be together traveling.

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