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Does my Oversight MD need a Medicare number for ME to see Medicare patients?

Gess Gess (New) New

I work for a company doing concierge type visits for certain private insurance plans. I'm currently covering vacation for another NP in our company who sees Medicare patients for more chronic care type visits. I have Medicare/Medicaid numbers, but it just came to my attention that my oversight physician does not have these ID numbers.

No one seems to know if this matters or not. I couldn't find anything online that expressly said that we both have to have the numbers. But it seems a little strange, so I just wanted to check.

Any ideas?

lhflanurseNP, APRN

Has 40 years experience. Specializes in Adult Nurse Practitioner.

If the billing is being done through the NP independendently that is fine...it is your license.


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