Does any one know where to take Pathopysiology??


Does anyone know where to take pathophysiology in class? I need to take this class for the Accelerated BSN program at Sameul Merritt. Is anyone in the ABSN program who can tell me what to expect and what to prepare for? Thanks so much!!

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...isn't pathophysiology part of nursing school?


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If I recall, you can go into there website and under the nursing section they provide a list of schools where you can take patho. You just have to look through it. I think some listed are community colleges and others are not... Good Luck and hope that helps. I know there a community college up north near Sacramento that offers it but I can't remember the name and they do an online class too I think...


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TheSquire - a few local programs have it as a separate class. In the case of my college, you can take it either before officially starting nursing school or during the first semester.

Yuba/Woodland Community College offers it online, as well as in-person sections. There are open spots at the Marysville and Clear Lake in-person classes, a full section in Woodland, and the online class is full. There is no waiting list for either of those, so if you prefer one of them, attend the first class/email the professor and you might get in.

If you do get into the online class, I'll "see" you there :)


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I am taking it online right now through UCLA Extension...cost was about $515 if I remember correctly. Check out their website and search for pathophysiology because I think they just posted their Fall quarter schedule. Yuba College also has it, but if you are not already a student there, then it can be hard to get the class because it fills up very quickly. I tried twice and could never get in, so I decided to pay the $$ to UCLA and complete the class. The instructor, Dr. Judith Halle, is GREAT and the class is very interesting. The class has a lot of reading, but the assignments are do-able and the weekly tests are pretty straightforward.

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