Does NY accept online BSN degree?

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Hi all, 

I am based in NY and have been searching for over a week for a program that includes the following: 

1. Online didactic that allows locally placed clinical

2. BSN (no RN-BSN as I do not have RN yet) or Accelerated BSN (I have a BS and doctorate in a health care field)

3. That is accepting NY based students. 

What I'm finding is either in-person/on-site in NY, online RN-BSN only, or online BSN/Accelerated BSN but they don't accept students from NY. Does anyone know if NY just doesn't allow students to receive a secondary BSN online? I have searched for this answer to no avail. 

Maybe I just haven't hit on or heard of the right program yet?

Big thanks if anyone can guide me!

your in blessings. check out wilson college lpn to BSN

No, that doesn't exist. If you want to become an RN, you need to attend an on-campus programs with clinicals arranged (and supervised) by the school. Even when, out of necessity during the pandemic, most of nursing education (including clinicals) took place remotely, the quality suffered dramatically. This can readily be attested by any nurse who didn't get in-person clinical experience (and likely anyone who has worked with them as well). 

If you want to become an RN with the minimal in-person time possible, then find a local ADN program and complete your RN-BSN online (NYS requires you to earn a BSN within 10 years to keep your license). Sorry,  no short cuts or cutting corners. 

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