Does it matter which school you get a degree from?


I am considering a nursing career and was wondering how important it is to go to the best schools for a nurse. Or does it not matter once you get your certification? Also, what are the good schools in NYC?

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I do wonder the same. It might be important, I guess people who graduate from universities such as NYU, Columbia and PAcE might be considered a little more. I don't know, just assuming.


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For undergrad, don't worry about a name.... just find a school that'll get you your BSN, as well as give you SOLID clinical experiences. Columbia doesn't even teach undergrad nursing anymore, only post bachelor MSN programs. I would venture to say that everyone that has heard where I'm going for grad school (Columbia) seems to be HIGHLY interested in hiring me after graduation. As an RN/BSN it really doesn't matter as long as you can practice safely and competently. There's such an RN shortage, no one really looks at undergrad institutions. Best of Luck!


I honestly don't think hospitals look at where you went to school. I went to a state school and the complaints that I had about their lack of organization, problems with clinicals, etc., were the same complaints that my friends who went to NYU, Columbia, Pace, etc. had.

Good luck.

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