Does it matter which school you attend?

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It's my first time posting here, and I'm not great with computers so hopefully I don't mess it up!

I'm about to start pre-reqs in a few weeks, and I'm still struggling to decide which path to take. I'm leaning towards a two year degree, becoming an RN, and then pursuing a BSN online while working. I'm 29, and have a one year old and have to work while in school. I do have a great husband who will support and help me along.

I'm wondering if the school you go to really matters? I could go to either Community College of Philadelphia, or Montgomery County Community College. Montco's program is much tougher to get into and has a higher NCLEX pass rate. I'd rather go to Montco, but I live closer to CCP.

ALSO I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice as a mother of a young baby (who i practice gentle/attached parenting with) and working and not just going to school but doing REALLY well in nursing school??

Generally, your school, as long as it is accredited, isn't going to matter in the aspect of getting hired once you become an RN. Going to a certain school over another may obviously matter in what you learn and what opportunities you are given during the program (what hospitals you have clinical at, networking events, etc.). If both programs have good pass rates and offer what you need in regard to schedule, then you can always apply to both and choose once you have the acceptance letters.

The only think I would care about when researching schools to attending is 1) are they accredited? 2) What is their NCLEX pass rate? 3) What is their completion rate?

As long as you go to an accredited school and pass the NCLEX - it doesn't really matter in my experience. Good luck!

I applied to three, was accepted at each, and attended the one furthest away by car because it was the BSN program. Had it also been an ASN program, I would have attended the school nearest to my home, all things considered. Decide what is important to you and choose based upon that criteria.

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