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Does this matter when considering nursing school?

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My daughter is a senior in high school and wants to be a Nurse Practitioner. Of course, she first needs to get her BSN. Her top choices where she has been accepted are Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame, IN and Indiana/Purdue University in Indianapolis (IUPUI). Although SMC is much more expensive, she has received grants and scholarships making it about the same cost for her to attend either school.

She was all set to attend Saint Mary's until she went on the tour of IUPUI. Her main points are the clinical affiliations at IUPUI. The program has affiliations and is literally within walking distance of Riley's Children's Hospital, IU Health, IU Simon Cancer Center, Veteran's Hospital, Eskenazi Health and also just a monorail ride away from IU Methodist.

We happen to live near SMC and I know there are 2 hospitals here in the city and some nursing facilities, but nothing like what she'd have available to her at IUPUI. The experience and networking she could get at IUPUI seem superior (also since her cousin is a NP at IU Health right there).

Did you find that where you did your clinicals was pivotal? I'm looking online for rankings of nursing programs and can't seem to find anything either.

Can someone help a mom? Thank you in advance!

Thank you!

Ruby Vee, BSN

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The ability to walk or take public transportation to clinical is well worth considering. Driving adds more expense and possibly more time to the equation. Networking will also help her to find a job upon graduation. My ICU hires student nurse external (more or less a CNA role) with an eye towards hiring them as RNs upon graduation, assuming that they fit into our unit culture. (Someone who does what they're hired to do without shirking and is dependable about showing up when they're supposed to.). We also view senior preceptor ships as an extended job interview and often hire those students who have impressed us. These are things worth consideration.